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Are you ready to shine ?

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Are you ready to define your dreams and build to confidence to achieve them?

Are you ready to know yourself better, understand your own needs and reconnect with your feelings?

Are you ready to be who you truly are?

I believe you can have it all

Live a joyous, light and powerful life as a mother, wife, business woman all at the same time!

It's time to make your life sparkle again. Every day!

I believe that life should be lived to the fullest. And today is the day to take action.

Start listening to your intuition

It's time for you to create what's best for yourself and to trust that you do know what that is.

Today is the Day

Daoulé, 6 month coaching

"I can never thank Alexandra enough for being there: she was there during one of the most difficult times of my life and she helped me move forward and gave me tools that I will be able to use for the rest of my life. [...]

I learned to respect, love and care for my body and mind more. In addition, being in a program with other women creates strong bonds, where we are united and we support each other. Alexandra is genuine and she doesn't sell dreams, everything is real. This is my greatest gratitude for 2020. "

Discover your tools

Developing a "Happy At Work" feeling and atmosphere in companies and schools for staff, students and parents.

Le Cercle de Femmes Prêtes à Vivre une Sparkling Life

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A program to guide you and help you develop a serene and happy life

Available soon

Your exclusive access to yoga classes, cooking classes, meditations and more.

Opening in 2021

My mission is to help you to be in control of your happiness

Currently only in French, let me know if you'd like this in English

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On the menu for 2021 : Defining our intentions for the week, kindness and goodwill, recipes, rituals and more.

Charlotte, mother of 2 daughters, blogger

“Alexandra has a natural energy and creativity. All the certifications she has and her recruiting experience made me want to work with her.

She told me that I was going to create a smooth revolution in my life and that is exactly what happened. "

My name is Alexandra

I love to dream and to make my dreams come true through my own actions.
My Father always told me "You have the gift of happiness" and I believe he is right.
So much so, I made it my job.


I am a "Happiness Coach" and I help women connect to their dreams and achieve exceptional, gentle and sparkling lives, one step at a time.


I guide them to all the resources available within themselves and together, we create a toolbox, available all the time, which allows them to face the challenges of life.


I decided to pass on what I practice on a daily basis through individual and group coaching programs, workshops in companies or in schools, and I've created a space for you, a portal allowing you to create your own adventure towards more ease, serenity and fun.


Le Cercle des Femmes Prêtes à Vivre une Sparkling Life

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What you will get : kindness and goodwill, sharing, authenticity and fun amongst sisters.