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It’s time to be the best version of you.

Today is the Day.


Coming September 2018
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Happiness Online Training

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Living with Joy
One-on-One coaching program.

This package is for you if:

  • You’re a Mom and even when it’s challenging you’re loving it. But you may have actually forgotten who you really are. You’re ready to get your joy back.
  • You have some knowledge about nutrition and you know it’s important, but you haven’t found a way to integrate it into your day-to-day life and your family’s routine.
  • You feel organized but still you can’t find time for yourself or your husband. You’re always running around and moving at a fast pace.
  • You find yourself complaining too much and you hate that, you feel you’ve lost the sparkle you used to have.
  • You know you should listen to your intuition but honestly; you don’t have a clue about how to do that right now.
  • You know you should pause sometimes but you don’t because you feel like you’ll lose too much time if you do.


First of all, congratulations for reading this.
You should know that you’re not alone.
I‘ve been there and I’m here to help!


The results you can expect from this program:

A new way to organize your time, which will allow for quality time with your kids, your partner and even some me-time! Oh, and that includes the time to work on this program.

In six months, the changes you want in your daily diet will become easy habits for you and your family.

You’ll have much more energy and a freer mind so you can focus on what you really like to do.

You’ll define your dreams and be ready to start taking actions to make those happen.

You’ll connect with yourself and with your intuition. You’ll feel much more grounded by a spiritual practice that fits your needs and desires.

You’ll manage your emotions better and have a deeper understanding of your needs and your limits.

You’ll live those joyful, daily moments while being fully present.

You’ll discover how to care of your body with natural foods and products.

You’ll feel healthy, radiant and ready to shine for yourself and for those around you.


This program includes:

  • One-hour coaching session every week during 24 weeks
  • Privileged email contact from Monday through Thursday
  • We’ll analyze of the 12 aspects of your life to know exactly where to focus our work
  • A new way to organize your life to spend quality time for yourself, with your kids and with your partner
  • Organization of your pantry for on-going success
  • Help with your weekly calendar
  • Meal planning
  • List of the kitchen utensils you need
  • Which foods need to be organic, and which ones don’t
  • Recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Juice and Smoothie recipes
  • Natural sweeteners
  • Natural salt substitutes
  • Healthy ways of cooking
  • How to sprout seeds
  • A 15-day Detox Plan with tools and recipes you can use yourself. You’ll see amazing results!
  • 8 traps that may bring you back to unhealthy habits
  • 10 concrete tips on how to loose weight
  • Find out what sport is the best for you
  • Learn how to breathe
  • The “positive discipline” with the kids: tools and techniques to apply at home
  • Definition of your ideal professional project
  • Learn to dream again
  • 3 visualization exercises
  • How to build a vision board
  • How to start a daily meditation practice
  • How to live mindfully
  • Daily stretches and yoga poses to feel your best
  • My favorite Natural skincare products and recipes

I will share with you everything I know about being healthy, happy and grounded.

Living with Joy
Six-Month, One-on-One coaching program.
Includes 24 sessions, one session every week.
$3597 dollars

Celebrate & Support
Be a part of my 12-week
Accountability Group.

This group call is for you if:

  • You know how important it is to take care of yourself but most of the time something else comes up and you cancel the time for yourself
  • You have tons of ideas and projects but they stay on your to-do list months after months even if you know it will bring you so much joy to focus on them
  • You tell yourself that you’ll start meditating in the fall when the kids will go back to school.
  • You tell yourself that you’ll start doing yoga in the New Year because everyone knows that the New Year’s Resolutions are very powerful.
  • You tell yourself you’ll try new recipes and go to the Farmer’s Market in the spring but you’re too busy organizing the Summer for your family.
  • You tell yourself you’ll finally work on the professional project you’ve been dreaming of, but the kids need you 24/7 and come on! It’s beautiful outside. In summer, you prefer to just relax.
  • The whole year has gone and you think, “I wish I’d focused on that”. “But in September, that's when I’ll do it. I just know it!”


That good news is that you will do it, and I’m here to help you scratch those goals, one at a time, off your to-do list for good.
In 12 weeks.
With Celebration, Support and Fun!

This group call is for you if you want your dreams to come true .

If you’re a mom, a woman, a daughter, a sister, a wife, and you’re ready to focus on you, I want to offer you this gift because it’s important to you. Today.

TODAY is the DAY
to take action for what really matters to you.


The results you’ll get for this program are:

You’ll stop procrastinating

A clear organization and structure to have the time to work on your goals.

A gratitude practice that will become part of your happy habits

The importance of noticing that all the areas in our life are inter-connected and that when you work on one having the desire to feel happier and healthier, it benefits all the others aspects as well

The Support from the amazing community,making new long-lasting friends is a real option

The pride of achieving your specific goals and going a step forward to your well-being.

Scratching those goals from your to-do list and dreaming about what’s next.
Having a clear, free mind.

Actively wanting to continue through another 12-week session with your group


This program includes:

  • One 30-minute call with me to help you define your 3 goals for the 12 weeks session
  • One hour group video call session via Zoom every week during the 12 weeks. Max 4 people in each group, including me
  • A Facebook Page where you can share with all the “Celebrate and Support” Community and ask for help or support as needed in between the calls.
  • The members of your group will all be as committed as you are to reach their goals. Just imagine the energy!
  • A clear structure for each call so you can prepare appropriately
  • My personal support to help you face your fears and your blocks about not doing what’s important for you
  • My holistic coaching expertise for women


Celebrate & Support
Be a part of my 12-week
Accountability Group.