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Work With Me

It’s time to be the best version of you.

Today is the Day.

Soul Food Academy

Today is the Day to feel good.
Today is the Day to move with ease.
Today is the Day to feed your soul and body with high quality nutrients.


Welcome to the Soulfood Academy!

For a few years, my clients are asking me for cooking classes and I always basically said "No" as I LOVE to eat delicious and vibrant food but I don't like spending hours and hours cooking.

I like when things are easy and delicious.

I cook for my family and have fun doing so.
Every time I discover an empty plate after having cooked a homemade meal from scratch, I feel deep joy as I know I gave the best to my children and my husband for them to thrive and be ready for their adventures of the day.

But I also know that if I eat a healthy and delicious diet, I am a better version of myself and this is the reason why I started to learn about " L'Alimentation Energie", 10 years ago.

When two women brought the idea of starting a cooking class, I could hear my intuition pretty loudly:
" This is NOW, time for you to share what you have learned and practiced for so long".

Ok. I heard it, couldn't deny it.

And here it starts.
With you.

Are you ready to make a choice? Are you ready to take care of your health and to block some time and space in your calendar for sharing real connections with other women?

I already taught 'Intensive VIP Nutrition Programs' with grocery shopping tours. I went to my client's kitchen to see what they needed to change, I taught clients every step of the way but I always did it one-on-one.

Today, I am taking the opportunity to create a group experience and to create a real experience in your life.

Each session:

We will start with movement ( yoga or dance) and a meditation.
Then I will teach you important principles on how to make those changes in your diet happen one day at a time.
We will then cook an easy and super tasty meal.
Then we will enjoy it , slowly and consciously.
Every bite will be organic, freshly harvested and made with our love.

You will learn:

  • How to move with ease
  • All you need to know to start applying the "Soulfood" way of cooking at home
  • What material you will need to feel this boost of energy in your life
  • Cooking ways to preserve all the nutrients at low temperature
  • Raw dressings
  • How to use and cook with gluten-free grains
  • How to fill in your pantry with healthy condiments, lacto-fermented Japanese products and much more

This is a Women's Circle.

Movement creates energy.
Food is energy.
Your thoughts are energy.
You are energy.
You will learn to create a new energy at the dining table and in your body and mind.

The Program:

4 Modules of 2,5 hours session: 390 euros.

Location: Waterloo

What to wear? Comfortable clothes so we can move easily and sit on cushions

What to bring?
Your yoga mat
A pen and a note book

Are you willing to make space for me-time and fun while learning how to nourish your body and mind?

To join me, email me ( to reserve your spot.

This is your time to shine !

Sacred Space Program


Envie de savoir comment vous allez , vraiment?

Envie de lever le voile sur le fait de toujours montrer les côtés de votre vie qui vont bien sur les réseaux sociaux ou avec votre entourage ?

Envie d’ouvrir des portes sur qui vous êtes vraiment?

Envie de bouger votre corps d’une manière douce et féminine mais aussi fluide sans forcer ou sans chercher cette perfection dans la pose?

Envie de connecter avec d’autres femmes à un niveau plus profound ?

Envie d’avoir un espace, chaque semaine, pour vous et pour être pleinement vous ?

Envie de rire, de vous lâcher , de danser, de bouger et d’être à l’écoute de vos besoins à cet instant précis?

Envie de montrer l’exemple à vos enfants, et à votre partenaire qu’être soi-même et prendre le temps de ralentir est essentiel pour vivre pleinement.

Bienvenue dans votre " Sacred Space".

Votre espace sacré pour 10 sessions d'une heure trente.

Au programme:

Enseignement spirituel
Ecriture dans votre journal

En pratique:

Que porter?
Des vêtements souples et confortables car nous serons assises sur des coussins

Votre tapis de yoga
Un journal
De quoi écrire
Des couches ( layers)
Vous, telle que vous êtes, curieuse et désireuse d'aller plus loin.
Des chaussures adéquates pour l’extérieur pour les champs de Waterloo svp.

Les dates:
Prochaine session démarre en Septembre 2019


Les 750 euros htva seront à remettre le premier jour ou par virement,

D'autres questions?
Appellez-Moi au 0498 18 12 03 et je me ferai un plaisir de vous répondre.
ou par email :

J’ai crée pour vous un espace sacré pour que vous puissiez être pleinement VOUS !

Etes-vous prêtes à connecter à ce qui compte vraiment et à expérimenter des profondes trasnformations?

Je me réjouis de vous retrouver à notre prochain cercle,


Sisterhood is Nourishment!

Soulfull Yoga:
Fall in love with your mat and your cushion

“You don’t have to be flexible.
You don’t have to be a poser and put your foot behind your head.(…)
If you can breathe, you can practice yoga and you can gain the benefits of a strong, capable body and a calm, focused mind;
plus you can be ridiculously happy.”

TARA STILES, founder of Strala Yoga


Come and learn to love your mat with me during this 6 week program.
It is a wonderful gift you can give yourself.

If you are curious to start a yoga practice and to get more intuitive without performing.

If you are willing to start meditating but would love guidance to start connecting deeper with your inner guidance.

If you envision yourself packing your yoga mat with you for the summer knowing how to move and how to feel really good.

This is exactly a class for you.

We will move our body with ease, we will listen to some good music and we will meditate to start off your day energized and inspired.

What will you get the chance to take away from this program?

  • 3 different movement sequences to practice at home
  • 6 recorded guided meditations


Come and experience.
Come and learn to feel.
Come to have fun.
Come as you are.
Come to do what you can as the real yoga is happening on the inside.

When: From May 15th to June 19th
Every Wednesday from 9:15am to 10:45am
Where: Waterloo

222 euros HTVA

To join me, email me ( to reserve your spot.

With love and light, always,


Living with Joy
One-on-One coaching program.

This package is for you if:

  • You’re a Mom and even when it’s challenging you’re loving it. But you may have actually forgotten who you really are. You’re ready to get your joy back.
  • You have some knowledge about nutrition and you know it’s important, but you haven’t found a way to integrate it into your day-to-day life and your family’s routine.
  • You feel organized but still you can’t find time for yourself or your husband. You’re always running around and moving at a fast pace.
  • You find yourself complaining too much and you hate that, you feel you’ve lost the sparkle you used to have.
  • You know you should listen to your intuition but honestly; you don’t have a clue about how to do that right now.
  • You know you should pause sometimes but you don’t because you feel like you’ll lose too much time if you do.


First of all, congratulations for reading this.
You should know that you’re not alone.
I‘ve been there and I’m here to help!


The results you can expect from this program:

A new way to organize your time, which will allow for quality time with your kids, your partner and even some me-time! Oh, and that includes the time to work on this program.

In six months, the changes you want in your daily diet will become easy habits for you and your family.

You’ll have much more energy and a freer mind so you can focus on what you really like to do.

You’ll define your dreams and be ready to start taking actions to make those happen.

You’ll connect with yourself and with your intuition. You’ll feel much more grounded by a spiritual practice that fits your needs and desires.

You’ll manage your emotions better and have a deeper understanding of your needs and your limits.

You’ll live those joyful, daily moments while being fully present.

You’ll discover how to care of your body with natural foods and products.

You’ll feel healthy, radiant and ready to shine for yourself and for those around you.


This program includes:

  • One-hour coaching session every week during 24 weeks
  • Privileged email contact from Monday through Thursday
  • We’ll analyze of the 12 aspects of your life to know exactly where to focus our work
  • A new way to organize your life to spend quality time for yourself, with your kids and with your partner
  • Organization of your pantry for on-going success
  • Help with your weekly calendar
  • Meal planning
  • List of the kitchen utensils you need
  • Which foods need to be organic, and which ones don’t
  • Recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Juice and Smoothie recipes
  • Natural sweeteners
  • Natural salt substitutes
  • Healthy ways of cooking
  • How to sprout seeds
  • A 15-day Detox Plan with tools and recipes you can use yourself. You’ll see amazing results!
  • 8 traps that may bring you back to unhealthy habits
  • 10 concrete tips on how to loose weight
  • Find out what sport is the best for you
  • Learn how to breathe
  • The “positive discipline” with the kids: tools and techniques to apply at home
  • Definition of your ideal professional project
  • Learn to dream again
  • 3 visualization exercises
  • How to build a vision board
  • How to start a daily meditation practice
  • How to live mindfully
  • Daily stretches and yoga poses to feel your best
  • My favorite Natural skincare products and recipes

I will share with you everything I know about being healthy, happy and grounded.

Living with Joy
Six-Month, One-on-One coaching program.
Includes 24 sessions, one session every week.
3987 euros HTVA