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Client Testimonials

One-on-One coaching:

Témoignage Emma/ Emma Testimonial One-One coaching : 6 months program:

C’est un truc de dingue
J’ai l’impression d’avoir fait de bons avec des bottes de sept lieux
C’est Incroyable tout ce qu’il s ‘est passé

J’avais été interessée par tes programmes des mois auapravant mais je n’imaginais pas arriver ce à quoi je suis arrivée aujourd’hui

Je me disais “ il n’y a pas de MIRACLES”, c’est un coaching qui va me donner des pistes, c’est tout. Je doutais d”avoir l’énergie de mettre les choses en place et de faire concrètement bouger les choses.

Je suis partie vers tout autre chose que mes objectfis de depart, ceux qui m’ont rassuré et donné une direction.
J’ai l’impression que je suis bien au delà de ces objectifs précis.

JJe n’avais pas confiance ni en moi ni en ce qui pouvait se passer dans ma vie.
Aujourd’hui, je mets de la confiance en tout, je ne suis pas en force.

J’avais peur de devoir tout réaliser et en fait aussi peur de ne pas y arriver.
Ce que je realize c’est que j’ai , en fait, un travail de fond.
J’ai envie de me mettre en place moi et pas mettre des choses en place.

C’est la première fois de ma vie où je me centre sur moi et il y a des trucs de dingues qui se passent autour de cela.

J’arrive vraiment à changer ma perception sur les challenges aussi, maintenant je prends plus le temps, je médites, je lis, cela me fait du bien.

C’est un véritable déclic ; pour la première fois de ma vie ,j’apprends à être bien avec moi.

Je sais maintenant dire STOP , connecter qu’est ce que je ressens , savoir quand je suis à coté de moi, je parviens ensuite à me reconnecter et à m’aligner
Un truc de dingue !

C’est la première fois de ma vie aussi que je m’inspire des autres, pas dans la comparaison mais dans l’inspiration.

Pas d’échec sans réussite
Chaque difficulté est faite pour te faire avancer
Oser la vie qui vous inspire
Arrêtez de se comparer
Comparer ingratitude
S’inspirer et être dans la gratitude, c’est juste magique.

Je n’ai plus peur .

Il a six mois j’étais devenue fataliste, j’avais l’impression d ‘être un villain petit canard, moi j’avais pas de chance

Ces six mois m’ont fait grandir si fort, tous ces outils et manières de penser différentes donnent tant d’air et de liberté.
Waouw c’est un truc de dingue.
J’étais tellement loin de tout cela

Aujourd’hui, j’ai tellement envie de transmettre.
J’avance comme une dingue.
Il y a un truc de fou qui s’est ouvert en moi.

C’est le cadeau le plus dingue que j’ai reçu de ma vie entière
Alex, je n’aurais pas assez d’une vie pour te dire MERCI.

Au depart j’avais peur de la fin des six mois, j’appréhendais d’être seule avec mes questions et mes outils: aujourd’hui, j’ai compris que c’est un truc qui commence.

Je voulais des résultats concrets, et je repars aussi avec une grande porte ouverte vers la suite.

Je continuerais à avoir des rêves et des objectifs mais mon ojectif n’est pas de les realizer absolument.
Aujourd’hui mon but est d’avancer vers le rêve et d’accueillir ce que la vie a de plus beau à m’offrir, sans besoin de controller.

Je comprends aujourd’hui la phrase classique:

“ Le Bonheur c’est le chemin”, je n’ai plus qu’un chemin , j’en ai plein donc je vais pouvoir faire des milliards de choses

Je ne suis plus dans le truc où je me dis :
“ Ce sera mieux quand mes enfants seront grands, quand j’aurais défini mon travail..
Chaque jour qui commence c’est le Bonheur !

Switch immense pour moi.

Alexia, Mom of two girls, 3 and 5, stay-at home mom, French living in Germany. 2016

When I hired Alexandra, I had gone through a lot of changes in my life. I’m French and I moved with my husband to Germany. Shortly after our move, I became a Mom of two little girls, two years apart. It was pretty intense. At the same time I had to get used to a new country, build a new life and learn how to be a mother. I had put myself totally on the side.

The atmosphere at home was heavy, I was complaining about not having any time for myself at all and even when I was with the kids, I wasn’t my best self.

I knew it was time to get help.

I thought I was hiring Alexandra to help me manage my nutrition but through our work together, I realized I needed to work on my overall organization.

I needed to find time for me to enjoy life, to focus on my own projects and also have quality time with my girls and my husband.

My initial reason for investing in myself ended up being the cherry on the sundae.

The nutritional aspect of the coaching was very important to me. Here in Germany we already eat quite healthy, but I wanted to go deeper.

I chose to work with Alexandra because I was following her on Facebook. I saw the testimonials online, and I followed my intuition and called her.

I decided to invest in myself. We can always wait longer, or allow money to be a block, but I believe that having time for myself, working on my goals and putting myself first was worth the money. And I think so even more after completing the program.

The results I got are about the structure and the organization of my days and my week.

But first and foremost, I started to allow time just for myself.

I feel like I found myself again and it feels so good.

My kids are still home sick sometimes and other issues come up unexpectedly of course, but now I feel more grounded. The important changes happened inside of me.

Now I feel like I have more time to do what’s important to me, more quality time in my life and it’s impacted the whole family. It’s quite impressive to see the great difference in the atmosphere at home.

Don’t we say, “ Happy Wife, Happy Life” ? ;o)

My advice would be:

Stop asking yourself so many questions, because if you’re reading this testimonial, if you’ve found this website, you probably feel you have a need in terms of health in general or nutrition. Alexandra shares her good energy even through the computer.

Listen to your gut feeling and call her!


Isabelle, Mom of two daughters 4, 5 and 2, Category Manager, Belgian living in Brussels. 2016

I was down. I had everything to be happy about but everything felt complicated.

I held in a lot of emotions, I was working too hard, and I found no pleasure in my kitchen. I didn’t really know what I wanted to work on but Alexandra helped me define my goals and create a plan. Nutrition was a big part of it, but so was managing my emotions and my stress.

I knew Alexandra before I hired her. We’d worked together in the past.  In life sometimes you feel something is for you, and I just followed my intuition.

I asked myself if it was ok to invest in myself. I wondered if  I would gain enough to warrant spending the money. I’m so happy I did. My work with Alexandra is part of me now and I’m very happy and proud to have given myself the gift of her coaching program.

I evolved so much, and now I appreciate who I am.

It’s impressive.

I forgot how I lived before.

I now grow sprouts, I love buying fruits and vegetables, which seemed impossible while living such a busy life.

I’ve learned that life is well designed. I’m confident and I feel more zen and positive.

I made some really big changes but it happened smoothly. I’m proud of myself and I feel blessed because I’ve learned so much about myself.

My advice for you would be:

You know when it’s right to work with someone because you can feel it. Talk to her when you get the chance and you’ll know. Alexandra will help you see the bright side of life with her dynamic, fresh attitude. She made me feel I was perfect as I am.


Sophie, Mom of three boys, Stay-at-home Mom, French living in San Francisco. 2015.

I hired Alexandra because I wanted to learn how to do my meal planning, how to eat better, create an efficient grocery list, get my shopping done and organize my daily life better.

Knowing what you’re going to eat for dinner changed my life. I was having a hard time opening the fridge everyday and not knowing what to make.

Now I find time for myself even though my baby is still tiny. I take my life one step at a time and I feel I’m on the right track.

I feel lighter, more organized and happier in my kitchen.


Charlotte, Mom of two daughters, Blogger, French living in San Francisco. 2015.

Coming from Paris to San Francisco, I feel wellness and health is everywhere here.

I worked full-time and became a stay-at-home mom by choice. I wanted to discover how to spend the time I have now to have fun in my kitchen.

I started to take care of myself, went back to exercising, and I wanted to go even deeper and be more creative in my kitchen.

Alexandra radiates an energy and a natural creativity. All the certifications she has and her experience in recruitment made me want to work with her.

She told me I was going to create a smooth revolution in my life and that’s exactly what happened.

I was willing to use her expertise to support all the changes I wanted to make.

I decided to invest in myself and in my family because my happiness impacts everyone.

I’ve found a new creativity as I design my meals that amazes my husband and any guests we invite over for dinner.

I feel energetic and amazing and I lost weight on Alexandra’s detox plan.

The biggest change is the type of food I’m not eating anymore, and I don’t even miss them.

I now enjoy doing my grocery shopping and filling my cart with beautiful, colorful and vibrant fruits and vegetables. I get excited opening my fridge when about to make dinner.

This is a real experience to live through with Alexandra. It was about nutrition but it’s much more holistic than that. The goal was to include my life in the heart of the program. I felt the program was designed just for me, taking into account my needs, my family, our schedule.

Alexandra walks the talk and continues her own training and development so she’s always growing her own expertise.

I’m very happy I chose to work with Alexandra. I feel fulfilled and this new way of taking care of myself and my family is a part of my life now. It’s a habit I’ve integrated into my every day life. Thank you Alexandra!


Accountability Group:


Cécile, Mom of two girls, Architect, Belgian living in Brussels. 2017

I was really interested in working with an accountability group. I’ve always worked with Alexandra through her one-on-one coaching, and I was curious about working in a group with her, too.

I loved the energy of the group. Working this way helps us see that everyone has ups and downs. And it’s so helpful to keep track of our goals and having encouragement every time anyone of us experiences a block.

Listening to the group members’ goals inspires,me. I started exploring other’s goals for myself as well and thinking about other ways to live a happier life.

I felt more motivation to work on my goals. I felt supported and I wanted to show everyone that I was going forward every week.

I now still define my goals every month. I share those with my family and friends to find that energy back.

I would advise everyone who wants to takes action in their life but feels they’re always too busy to start. Today. Sign up for a 12-week program to work with Alexandra and a group. Take the time to focus on what you really want to achieve.

I learned a lot during those 12 weeks. I learned about what I wanted, but also, about myself and my ability to create and live my dreams.

The structure of the call and the work have become new habits in my life and I love it.


Aurelie, Mom of two kids, Cooking teacher, Belgian living in California, 2017

I was curious to discover this new way of coaching for me. It was the good reason to start defining goals for the new year. We all always have good resolutions starting in January but it’s interesting to put them down on paper and project ourselves further in the year with goals to reach.

I loved the group energy. We are not alone on our boat. We have to be held accountable to the others but also to ourself. Seeing other women going one step forward every week give tons on energy to do the same.

I questioned my own life and I found answers.

I was able to target my goals, to make them evolve one step at a time.

I was able to assess what was going well and what was not. I was able to find solutions to reach for goals but staying very connected to my intuition and my feelings.

Today I keep defining my goals every week and for the month. I’m way more efficient

The group was really a big part of the success. It’s very energetic. If something goes wrong, Alexandra is there to guide us and give us tools. It’s a good program to go forward and the group is very inspiring for everyone.

I even decide one of my goal was the same as one of the group member as it inspired me so much.

Thank you so much Alexandra, for guiding the group with enthusiasm, professionalism and zero judgment. Your comments and insights are always stimulating and your lifestyle inspiring.


Magali, mom of three kids, Sales Representative , Belgian , 2017

I couldn’t do it alone, and this group kept me motivated. Sharing goals with others helps us remember them and stay focused.

I loved the sharing, the support from everyone, all the results and shifts that happened.

I had some hard weeks, of course. There were moments when I wanted to quit the group because I was too busy in my daily life. The support and gift of Alexandra helped me to fight and lightened my weekly goals to take the time to breathe but still keeping on track.

It went forward one step at a time.

Seeing the goals that other women in the group were setting was really inspiring. It’s a great way to share and make connections with others.

I felt proud to finally go forward and allow myself to be even more motivated to reach my next goal.

I use the practices I learned in the group to move forward and continue to evolve.

I’ve learned that we don’t need to wait to have tons of time to work on what really matters but a little right action is already great.

I’ve learned how to define my goals, how to keep them in mind and how to define where I was  to obtain quicker results.

For women who have goals that never seem to move, or for those who’ve had the same items on their to-do list for way too long, working with an accountability group is the perfect solution to stay focus on a long term basis and get concrete results. A wonderful experience!


Virginie, Mom of two daughters, Hearing-Aid Specialist, Belgian living in Belgium

On the 1st of January we all have great intentions and beautiful resolutions, ideas and projects. And, too often we realize that most of them have stayed on our to-do list all year long.

I was curious to try a group experience even if I wasn’t really sure about what I would get from it.

I loved defining a specific number of goals to stay focused on. I liked being held accountable every week for what I’d done but I also liked being directed on what to do next.

In 12 weeks I made huge changes in my nutrition;

I also worked hard on the photo albums I wanted to do for so long.

I gained more structure and I will always remember : Dream and be grateful of EVERYTHING.

To wrap up: I would recommend to be part of Alexandra’s Accountability group because there is a structure much needed, a huge and vibrant energy coming from all the members working for their own goals but together. I liked the feeling of being held accountable to stay focus .

Thank you dear Alex!