Mommy Mindset

Bay Area water view

We love this nature so much. We want to help it to remain beautiful and clean. My kids are out from school during the whole week.
This morning, I took the three boys grocery shopping at my favorite shop in the city.
I packed my jars, brought my shopping list and took a deep breath in.. I mean. I took a whole bunch of full breaths in and out thinking ” My God, am I crazy about what I’m going to do? Three boys. The grocery shopping for the whole week. A full cart with all of them running around?? ” ? Then I switched my mindset. My favorite tool. “Hey boys, we are going on an adventure. I will explain you what I do every Monday while you are at school and you will be my little helpers to reduce the waste in our home this week, sounds fun?” They were way more enthusiastic ! ?
At the end of the morning, I was amazed we made it , I won’t lie, and so proud of them. One writing the tares and the codes on the jars , the other one filling the jars up and the third one , peaceful, eating his dried Mango and whatever his brother’s gave to him . We even had the chance to talk about the 2 first R’s in the Zero Waste Lifestyle ?? A successful morning, full of love, quality time and learning.

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