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I offer workshops in companies and schools for staff, students but also for parents on the subject of nutrition and the natural movement of the body. Let’s feel "Happy at work" with effects that will last a lifetime and beyond your work life.

I guide the participants by helping them feel good at every stage of their workday. My interventions contribute to the well-being of your personel, students and parents. I adapt to each company or school according to its specific requests and needs.

I had the pleasure of giving lectures and workshops to Estée Lauder teams but also to St John's International School for the teachers, students and their parents, each group separately to share a specific message for each audience.

Alexandra Marchant ateliers

Workshops I've done


"Food for Energy" workshop

Everything about a healthy diet throughout the seasons and in connection with a busy life. We will cover, for example: The Basic Principles; ideas for snacks; lunch box ideas. I also offer breathing exercises, so important in everyday well-being.


"Move with ease" workshop

The simple and natural way to move your body for more ease on a daily basis. Employees will learn to use their energy resources throughout the day. I offer simple, concrete exercises to use the mind and body, but also breathing techniques to release tension and increase creativity and productivity. Actions that are easy to perform in a professional environment such as offices and open spaces.

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If you are ready to give your colleagues a gift they will remember and share with their loved ones, contact me and we can discuss how to bring good vibes to your business for a "Happy at Work" atmosphere.

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