Carrot Citrus Ginger Juice

carrot ginger juice

For the first time in weeks, I took my juicer out and made a juice just for myself. Carrots, celery , lemon, orange and ginger.
Mood of the Day.
It feels so good to treat me . We, mothers, are giving all our very best to the family all year long, it is important not to forget to nourish ourselves with good nutrients, but also some down time, a nap, something that we love doing, a good read or some minutes in stillness . After 10 days with the boys, I took this work day to also recharge, enjoy the sun while walking baby to his daycare, my delicious juice, I enjoyed working on my website. I’m ready to pick them up from school now. 💪😊 What is your best way to take care of yourself, to recharge before you next shift , meaning your afternoon/evening with your kids ?

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